Dream Job?

A lot of people have been asking me the same question lately. It is something that is simple to answer. It is something that everyone thinks about. It is something everyone should have… Continue reading

A New Normal

There is a quote that I love and find to be absolutely true in times of transition: “before something great happens, everything falls apart”. I don’t want this to sound overly dramatic, but… Continue reading

Castles, Graffiti, and Urban Exploring

Favorite Time of Year

It is insane that it is the end of September already! I thought that my year after graduation would go by slowly but now I feel like it is going to go by… Continue reading

Allen Street Art

I absolutely love that street artists are getting the opportunity to showcase their work through huge murals on business buildings in the city.

New Goals

Okay so here’s the skinny on getting skinny: it is hard, time consuming, and completely worth it. Today is September 16. The Turkey Trot is November 28. That gives me just over two… Continue reading

Beautiful Buffalo

A Good Outlook is a Beautiful Thing

Today, I finally broke through the wall of uncertainty with a small but insightful epiphany. It was a beautiful day and I was feeling particularly overwhelmed with anxieties about where my life is… Continue reading

Silo City Rocks

Yesterday, I got the unique opportunity to spend most of the day at the grain elevators in downtown Buffalo. I heard about the event, City at Night Buffalo, a few weeks ago and… Continue reading


The past few weeks have been nothing but chaotic. One by one, I have had to say good bye to friends who left to pursue grad school or service programs around the county.… Continue reading